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Sospiri e Battiti

Donatello Pisanello (Organetto Diatonico) e Angelo Urso (Contrabbasso) in "Sospiri e Battiti" di Donatello Pisanello. Riprese di Patrizia Cristaldi . Festa del Cinema del Reale , Specchia 21 Luglio 2011.

"Romp II" at the Tenri Cultural Center, USA

Dr. Robert Young McMahan (accordion) and Dr. Paul Cohen (soprano saxophone) presented the World Premiere of Dr. McMahan's composition, "Romp II" at the Tenri Cultural Center. The premiere was held during the 17th Annual 2011 AAA Master Class and Workshop Series organized and hosted by AAA Board member, Dr. William Schimmel. The composition was very enthusiastically received by the audience. is currently under development, every week we introduce new features! Stay tuned!
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