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Production of a Müller

With this video, we’d like to give you a look behind the scenes at Harmonika Müller. You will see scenes from our production facility in Bad St. Leonhard where our 40 employees process raw materials to create sound experiences using both hand craftsmanship and highly-modern production machinery.

Creative Tango

External link:

"Creative Tango" Music by Sergey Petrov "Petrovmusic Studio 2013"( Sound engineer: Vitaly Naydenov Videographer: Vitaly Tropnikov Interior: confectionery "Bize" Musicians: Sergey Petrov - button accordion Lina Kolesnik - violin Paul Dolya - piano Michael Brunets - guitar Dmitry Semenishchev - double bass Dancers: Olga Nikolaeva Yuri Rutskiy is currently under development, every week we introduce new features! Stay tuned!
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