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Male. Born in 20-Mar-1953. From New York, "USA". Status: Seeing someone.
Greetings from Frankfurt am Main folks! Getting ready for my 24th consecutive year in the big Musikmesse Frankfurt, join us at Jazzkeller Frankfurt for my annual "Musikmesse Warm Up Party" Tuesday March 23rd and c u in Halle 3.1 the Italian Accordion Area! ciao for now, Jon Hammond at 21-Mar-10, 18:34

Reflections Golden Years Bay Area Telegraph Ave. Trident Sausalito Berkeley Folk Festival Howard Hersh KPFA

During the golden days of Berkeley when I was a volunteer working under Howard Hersh in KPFA
Studios above Edy's Ice Cream Shattuck Ave., I bought my first serious Gibson guitar from Campbell Coe at his little Campus Music Shop  behind the Forum Coffee Shop in the alley, with the address 2506 Haste St., my precious Gibson CF-100
sitting around listening to Campbell spin his yarns, rolling Bugler cigarettes Campbell smoked his stinky cigars and took his sweet time on guitar repairs but it was worth the wait. Barry Olivier's Berkeley Folk Festival was where it was at, I was on the volunteer staff and jammed with many of the acts on my electric Giulietti accordion, backing up Shlomo Carlebach  in the Greek Theatre with John Whitelaw on Fender Bass on the program with Joan Baez, Phil Ochs, John Fahey, Reverend Gary Davis, Furry Lewis, Country Joe and The Fish, and the Pauley Ballroom T-Bone Walker, James Cotton, Kaleidoscope and Janis Ian chain smoking. Soon after I got my very first electric piano, Wulitzer 140b , Ralph from Blue Cheer had it in a hock shop in SF, 50 bucks and the pawn ticket and I was in business 
Skipping some years, when I came back from living in Europe for 6 years I played every Sunday at the old Trident Horizons in Sausalito with 2 of the musicians from Sons of Champlin band, guitarist Terry Haggerty and James Preston drums along with Bennett Friedman tenor sax and myself on Hammond XB-2 organ and bass
We had some good times in the Trident in the old days so it was good to be back on the bandstand there with these cats. More information on my very first website powered by WebTV MSNTV page builders set top box I plan to have Barry Olivier on my radio show on KYOU Radio HammondCast. The last time I saw Barry Olivier was at the funeral for Mimi Fariña at Grace Cathedral top of Nob Hill.
That's all for tonight folks, tune in HammondCast streaming around the world daily from KYOU Radio on the CBS Network. Music Travel and 'Soft News' hosted and produced by Jon Hammond Official HammondCast Jon Hammond Band Jon Hammond Band YouTube Channel Jon Hammond Green MySpace MySpace is still very much alive, especially in the Music World. Jon Hammond does his tours "Green" and his site is also Green: Jon Hammond Behind The Beat ASCAP Network NDR SESSIONS Projekt Story ASCAP Network Joachim Hildebrand Style Photos of Jon Hammond Band Jazzkeller Frankfurt annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party 2010 Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone
Jon Hammond XK-1 Organ
Joe Berger aka The Berger-meister guitar
Giovanni Gulino drums
Jon Hammond and Waichiro Tachikawa - Suzuki Hammond ????????
Jon Hammond playing custom Excelsior model AC/R with Sennheiser electronics in Times Square NY
Jon Hammond and Massimo Pigini - Excelsior and Pigini Accordions
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