Jon Hammond

Male. Born in 20-Mar-1953. From New York, "USA". Status: Seeing someone.
Greetings from Frankfurt am Main folks! Getting ready for my 24th consecutive year in the big Musikmesse Frankfurt, join us at Jazzkeller Frankfurt for my annual "Musikmesse Warm Up Party" Tuesday March 23rd and c u in Halle 3.1 the Italian Accordion Area! ciao for now, Jon Hammond at 21-Mar-10, 18:34

HammondCast 193 KYOU Radio Jon Hammond Band in INDRA and The Fillmore

*LISTEN TO THE AUDIO PODCAST HERE: HammondCast 193 KYOU Radio Jon Hammond Band in INDRA and The Fillmore with Direct Audio from Fillmore Mixing Console via KYOU Radio Player Details Page
HammondCast 193
HammondCast 193 KYOU Radio Jon Hammond Band in INDRA home of The Beatles first Hamburg gigs "Slow Blues Power", then to live mixing board recording of Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men at Fillmore Auditorium opening for Sons of Champlin Fri. June 4, 1999 "White Onions", "Tune 2B Named Later", "Hip Hop Chitlins" with Barry Finnerty guitar and James Preston of Sons of Champlin on drums, Jon Hammond at XB-2 Hammond organ 45 minutes
Last Aired:Sep 2, 2010 12:00pm - 12:45pm
This is an ON DEMAND Podcast:
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