Jon Hammond

Male. Born in 20-Mar-1953. From New York, "USA". Status: Seeing someone.
Greetings from Frankfurt am Main folks! Getting ready for my 24th consecutive year in the big Musikmesse Frankfurt, join us at Jazzkeller Frankfurt for my annual "Musikmesse Warm Up Party" Tuesday March 23rd and c u in Halle 3.1 the Italian Accordion Area! ciao for now, Jon Hammond at 21-Mar-10, 18:34

Jon Hammond 25 Years Musikmesse Jazzkeller Performances - Germany by Harley Jones

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Jon Hammond 25 Years Musikmesse Jazzkeller Performances - Germany

by Harley Jones
Jon HammondBooked again. The Annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party, 5 April 2011, at the Jazzkeller Frankfurt will be hosted by the Jon Hammond Band which will be celebrating 25 consecutive years performing in the International Frankfurt Musikmesse, the biggest event in the music distribution industry. Jon Hammond is very proud to announce the line up and happy to return again to the world famous stage of Jazzkeller Frankfurt, the oldest jazz club in all of Germany. Joe Berger guitar and Jon Hammond organ are both from USA, known affectionately to their music friends as Ham-Berger (we're on a roll! Jon and Joe often say) long-time associates and a fixture at many trade shows, as seen on the long-running NYC based TV show "The Jon Hammond Show" now in 27th year. Tony Lakatos the great Hungarian tenor sax star from Budapest. Tony will be rejoining the band in Jazzkeller, along with another long-time musical associate, Giovanni Gulino drums from Sicily Italy. Giovanni has been the house drummer for many years in Jazzkeller Frankfurt and Jazz Kneipe. Jon Hammond calls Jazzkeller his "Good Luck Room" and Frankfurt his "Good Luck City". Jon Hammond and Marco Galeazzi with Jon's custom Excelsior AC/R Accordion Jon Hammond and Marco Galeazzi and Jon's new custom Excelsior AC/R Accordion Accordions Worldwide, Harley Jones, Excelsior Accordion, Akkordeon, Holda Paoletti Kampl, Rob Howard, Massimo Pigini, Emma Black, Marco Galeazzi, Musikmesse, Wolfgang Luecke, Jazzkeller Frankfurt is currently under development, every week we introduce new features! Stay tuned!
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