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Male. Born in 20-Mar-1953. From New York, "USA". Status: Seeing someone.
Greetings from Frankfurt am Main folks! Getting ready for my 24th consecutive year in the big Musikmesse Frankfurt, join us at Jazzkeller Frankfurt for my annual "Musikmesse Warm Up Party" Tuesday March 23rd and c u in Halle 3.1 the Italian Accordion Area! ciao for now, Jon Hammond at 21-Mar-10, 18:34

The Japanese Cat Meets Jon Hammond by Hamamatsu Art Museum Kimono Exhibition

The Japanese Cat Meets Jon Hammond by Hamamatsu Art Museum Kimono Exhibition
On the way to see the Hamamatsu Art Museum Kimono Exhibition a funny thing happened, we met a Japanese cat in the wild!
This Yamaha Motorcycle Art Piece Greets You At The Door, Left From A Previous Exhibit
Well, somehow we got lost on the way to the Hamamatsu Castle Ruins Museum Ruins Following These signs...but that's ok, we finally found it after a nice stop at The Jolly Pasta restaurant we found way past the Castle
Finally made it...and with 2 pizzas to go from the Jolly Pasta made by my new friend Rajesh Thapa the Nepalese genius cook at Jolly Pasta (who also showed us how to find the Castle)
When the original owner of the Hamamatsu Castle packed heat, here was his piece
Ieyasu Tokugawa lived here for 17 years
I sure enjoyed meeting and playing a concert for the founder and President of Suzuki Instruments MANJI SUZUKI it was a huge honor. Here we are at the console of the incredible B3mk2 Hammond Organ that was designed and built right here at Suzuki World Headquarters in Hamamatsu as a faithful recreation of the original Hammond B3
My friend Mr. Hiromitsu Ono is the Chief Engineer behind the Suzuki Hammond organs that I play, he is one of my all time heroes like The Beatles!
This is my favorite view of the console of the Hammond B3mk2 Organ in Suzuki Hall with my Girlfriend Jennifer looking on at sound check, beautiful !
This one is a little easier to carry, Hammond Jr. !
Suzuki Educational Instruments

[Product name]
Keyboard Ensemble

[Item description]
Hammond Jr. To the "Japanese instruments," "string" "Brass" "woodwind", "ensemble" is equipped with 22 different instruments were classified into five groups.
Hammond Jr. Ensemble will blend beautifully with each other and the tone of the sound to play each ?Riate prepared in the same group to four.
The unique features of the Hammond drawbars.
Can play to create expressive music by myself.
You can also look at the change in tone.
* Number of tones: 22 tones (1 Drawbar Organ Synth Harpsichord Violin Cello Piano Accordion Piccolo flute choir, clarinet and oboe Yakuhachi example commemorate it - two violins Shamisen - plus trumpet horn trombone) Type 143 Sound Effects

Hammond Jr.hek-1
Source / Maximum Polyphony / keyboardPCM VASE Sound / Sound 32 / key 37 (c 3 octave scale) standard keyboard
Sound / rhythm style pattern / Auto Accompaniment* See explanation / /
Rhythm control / effect / control/ Vibrato Reverb / octave shift (up or down one octave) tuning (438 ~ 442HZ). Octave Mix (down). Pedal (pedal not included external)
Function / test demo / external terminalExternal Output external input (2 mono systems) Headphone output Leslie (8PIN DIN connector), pedal input power input
Disukushikensa unit / Output Amplifier / Speaker12cm × 2
Rated voltage / power / sizeSupply Voltage: DC10V (AC adapter) / / 60 × 35 × 14cm
Weight / Accessories / Remarks5.3kg / AC adapter template music sound vertical drawbar (4 types), sound effects, name sheet booklet (ensembles Challenger) /
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