Anthony Davies-Jones

Male. Born in 13-Dec-1953. From "Cook Islands". Status: Single.
I enjoy travel, good company, fine food and wine and wonderful accordion music at 28-Feb-10, 05:44


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Melita Batimala
at 22-Mar-09, 03:31
Anna Bodell
at 12-Apr-09, 10:25
Frank Busso
Joanjett Helen Holtz Emmett Brown
at 03-Sep-09, 10:26
Kevin Friedrich
Julien Gonzales
at 22-May-09, 12:56
Harley Jones
My interests are Accordion, Wine and Good Times, Enjoy Walking, Travelling to Accordion Events and Meeting Friends, Enjoying Fine Music at 26-May-09, 21:07
Ivabuna Luvunakoro
at 05-Mar-09, 21:47
Naomi Mana
at 07-May-09, 02:02
Grayson Masefield
Check out my Videos and Welcome to my Fan Club. Only name and email needed, no password or sign in. Please join and get a free gift sponsored by They are offering one eSheet solo music (able to be sent to you by email) free of charge to all who join. You can select from any of the 1,400 plus eSheet solo titles online provided it costs less that US$12/Euro 9. Join my Fan Club now. at 23-Mar-10, 08:52
Heather Masefield
Holda Paoletti-Kampl
Accordion Enthusiasts from around the World - this accordion space 4 YOU has been created by Accordions Worldwide to enjoy a dialog exclusively with other accordionists. Edit your videos - wich will get uploaded AUTOMATICALLY in all our news editions of the sites listed on the left hand side of Take this chance of getting seen, by thousands of readers logging onto our news each day! at 10-Jan-12, 08:54
Mirco Patarini
Hi at 16-Apr-09, 10:26
Herbert Scheibenreif
at 23-May-09, 12:58
Valerau Tidrai
just dropping by to say hiiiiii... at 24-Feb-09, 01:53
Alison Worthington
at 13-Mar-09, 06:50


Photos in Kenya (1)
at 28-Feb-10, 05:42


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