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Harley Jones

Male. Born in 16-Jun-1953. From Takapuna, "New Zealand". Status: Single.
My interests are Accordion, Wine and Good Times, Enjoy Walking, Travelling to Accordion Events and Meeting Friends, Enjoying Fine Music at 26-May-09, 21:07


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On My Way at 26-Aug-10, 20:30
Semionov Double CD at 20-Aug-10, 00:35
Semionov Double CD at 20-Aug-10, 00:35
Harbin Festival, China at 17-Aug-10, 23:28
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Great time in Harbin at 13-Aug-10, 12:19
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38th Annual Sata-Häme Soi Accordion Festival Ikaalinen, Finland at 07-Jul-10, 00:13
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Really nice day meeting long time friends at 28-May-10, 23:22
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Nice message from Innsbruck at 17-May-10, 08:48
Weekend in Suva, Fiji at 14-May-10, 20:47
Frankfurt Musikmesse Report at 04-Apr-10, 22:41
Frankfurt Musikmesse Report at 04-Apr-10, 22:41
Ron Lankford Passes Away - USA at 13-Mar-10, 22:02
Grayson's Fan Club at 26-Feb-10, 21:09
Request for materials from the Ukraine at 22-Feb-10, 18:05
Do not forget to Add your Tribute at 20-Feb-10, 23:53
Art Van Damme Memorial - add your tribute at 19-Feb-10, 21:09
Lambada still popular at 18-Feb-10, 07:37
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In Fiji at 16-Feb-10, 19:16
"NZ Accordion Championships" at 01-Jun-09, 11:22
"NZ Accordion Championships" at 01-Jun-09, 11:22
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World Accordion Orchestra
Welcome to CIA World Accordion Orchestra III page for videos and information sharing about the event at 08-Feb-09, 21:13
Frédéric Deschamps
at 12-Mar-10, 09:56
Donna Haines
Yehuda Oppenheimer
Giovanni Ablett
Los Angeles Accordion Festival
Los Angeles Accordion Festival at 15-Mar-09, 04:12
Salvatore Cauteruccio Accordionist
Cristiano Agosti
at 30-Jun-09, 00:57
Elke Ahrenholz
Elke Ahrenholz
"the road to a friends house is never too long" at 02-May-09, 14:25
Steve Albini
at 13-Mar-09, 23:24
Ale Ale
at 01-Feb-10, 10:59
Poeluev Alexander
Yulia Amerikova
Vladmir Angelblazer
at 09-Sep-09, 21:03
Joseph Bartello
Jérôme Bauer
Anna Bodell
at 12-Apr-09, 10:25
Carlo Borsini
at 13-Aug-09, 18:28
Raymond Brovarone
at 01-Apr-09, 19:04
Bakker Bruce
Félicien Brut
at 24-Mar-09, 22:23
Iain Buchanan
at 27-Aug-09, 21:31
Frank Busso
Alex Cadogan
Salomon Canelo
at 22-Apr-09, 00:36
Leena Cavalevu
Alfred Cerutti
Eyal Chaki
Howard Chapman
at 26-Apr-10, 04:22
Jim Cicchino
at 02-Apr-09, 02:10
Giuseppe Civitarese
Gary Dahl
Welcome visitors...kindly visit my site: at 27-Mar-09, 23:47
Anthony Davies-Jones
I enjoy travel, good company, fine food and wine and wonderful accordion music at 28-Feb-10, 05:44
William Demichelis
Adrien Despres
Uli Ebner
Joanjett Helen Holtz Emmett Brown
at 03-Sep-09, 10:26
Davide Fabrizi
Dario Flammini
Martin Frey
Kevin Friedrich
Zong Han Fu
at 21-Feb-10, 18:49
Vadim Fyodorov
at 08-Nov-11, 13:20
Djordje Gajic
Joao Gentil
at 04-Feb-11, 16:40
Julien Gonzales
at 22-May-09, 12:56
Nadia Guseva
Jon Hammond
Greetings from Frankfurt am Main folks! Getting ready for my 24th consecutive year in the big Musikmesse Frankfurt, join us at Jazzkeller Frankfurt for my annual "Musikmesse Warm Up Party" Tuesday March 23rd and c u in Halle 3.1 the Italian Accordion Area! ciao for now, Jon Hammond at 21-Mar-10, 18:34
Kay Hickman
Howdy from the streets of Austin, Texas!!! at 08-Sep-09, 05:01
Rob Howard
Siwen Huang
at 08-Apr-09, 18:55
Harry Hussey
Aitkenheadf Ian
Len Imbery
Bob Ingersoll
Aleksandar Jakovljevic
Frank Jenkins
Looking for alumni of Thirnton School of Accordion, Thornton Co. Owner Bill Pepper 1958-1966 at 15-May-10, 22:26
Penaranda Jesus
at 15-Dec-10, 02:29
Cobain Kurt
Ciao! at 01-Feb-10, 11:37
Acco Lab
Ron Lankford
Nenad Ljubenovic
Cao drustvo at 16-Mar-09, 01:43
Ivabuna Luvunakoro
at 05-Mar-09, 21:47
John Macdonald
Naomi Mana
at 07-May-09, 02:02
Frank Marocco
Yogi Martin
Squeeze da most outta life! at 02-Jun-09, 04:06
Grayson Masefield
Check out my Videos and Welcome to my Fan Club. Only name and email needed, no password or sign in. Please join and get a free gift sponsored by They are offering one eSheet solo music (able to be sent to you by email) free of charge to all who join. You can select from any of the 1,400 plus eSheet solo titles online provided it costs less that US$12/Euro 9. Join my Fan Club now. at 23-Mar-10, 08:52
Heather Masefield
Gerald May
Selenia Menghini
Milos Milivojevic at 03-Aug-10, 04:45
Gary Morin
at 28-Nov-11, 00:34
Alessandro Mugnoz
Lorenzo Munari
at 09-Apr-09, 22:30
Jenna Murray
Piermaria Musica
Eugeniu Negruta
at 11-Jun-10, 14:41
USA News
Editor Rita Davidson "Join the Accordion USA News Fan Club to get the latest information AS it happens" at 15-Nov-14, 01:52
Alan Nisbet
Jean-Louis Noton at 31-May-09, 09:35
Mike O'regan
at 21-Mar-09, 12:31
Zoltan Orosz
Francesco Palazzo
at 29-Dec-11, 18:34
Holda Paoletti-Kampl
Accordion Enthusiasts from around the World - this accordion space 4 YOU has been created by Accordions Worldwide to enjoy a dialog exclusively with other accordionists. Edit your videos - wich will get uploaded AUTOMATICALLY in all our news editions of the sites listed on the left hand side of Take this chance of getting seen, by thousands of readers logging onto our news each day! at 10-Jan-12, 08:54
Mirco Patarini
Hi at 16-Apr-09, 10:26
Anton Pazicky
at 14-Nov-09, 11:35
Jacques Pellarin
Jacques Pellarin trio at 16-Aug-10, 16:06
Robert Rolston
Lacides Romero
Ghenadie Rotari
at 04-Jul-10, 13:20
Renzo Ruggieri
Life and accordion is good! at 02-Feb-14, 19:33
Raquel Ruiz
Raquel Ruiz
Herbert Scheibenreif
at 23-May-09, 12:58
William Schimmel
Alexander Selivanov
at 16-Mar-09, 20:25
Maraia Senivula
Alex Sheykin
at 07-Mar-10, 08:44
Alexander Shirunov
Alexander Tchuev
Valerau Tidrai
just dropping by to say hiiiiii... at 24-Feb-09, 01:53
Marecza Tudor
at 03-May-09, 09:08
Fred Van Beek
at 13-Aug-09, 13:49
Romano Viazzani
at 18-Mar-09, 18:42
Jesper Von Segebaden
at 02-May-09, 23:23
Werner Weibert
Hakan Widar
Alison Worthington
at 13-Mar-09, 06:50
Carol Yan
Roberto Zambelli
at 27-Dec-10, 11:05
Sergio Zampolli
Zevy Zions
at 15-Mar-09, 05:32
Orosz Zoltán
at 06-Oct-12, 15:34


2010 Harbin trip (10)
at 27-Aug-10, 20:01
USA Trip to See Grayson Performing (9)
at 14-May-10, 20:49
Coupe Mondiale 2009 (2)
at 22-Mar-10, 05:48
Ron Lankford (1)
at 13-Mar-10, 22:05
"Harley Brazil Trip" (6)
at 12-Feb-09, 09:35
"Harley Photos" (6)
at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
"Harley & Friends photos" (26)
at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
"Cook Island photos" (16)
at 22-Jan-09, 00:00


Jean-Marc Torchy and Alicia Yerevan - France at 20-Jul-12, 07:07
Patrick Lui at 07-Jun-12, 10:32
Silvio De Pra and Shaun Patterson at 09-May-12, 21:16
Grant 'Yogi' Martin at 27-Apr-12, 05:46
Horror Vacui at 02-Dec-11, 17:27
Frank Marocco in Lithuania at 25-Nov-11, 20:46
2011 Terem Crossover at 08-Sep-11, 15:36
"Romp II" at the Tenri Cultural Center, USA at 10-Aug-11, 05:55
"Sigh" by Elizabeta Ilievska-Bete at 19-May-11, 19:47
Bruno Maurice at 05-May-11, 21:48
Yuri Medianik at 19-Aug-10, 05:37
Maurice and Alanah Jones at 07-Jun-10, 07:06
Pluri-Art at 22-Apr-09, 21:07
Jerome Richard at 25-Feb-09, 20:29
Alexander Dmitriev - Flight of the Bumble Bee at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Campbell Bettridge -Prelude and Fugue in Dm - J S Bach at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Campbell Bettridge - The Chase at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Campbell Bettridge - Scarlatti at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Yuri Medianik, at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Yuri Medianik at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Hunter Hayes: Jambalaya at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Kaoma - Lambada - most viewed accordion on Youtube at 26-Jan-09, 00:00


"Beltango" at 05-Mar-09, 18:45
"Beltango" at 25-Feb-09, 20:19
"Semionov Solo" at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
"Dmitriev solo" at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
"Yehuda Oppenheimer" at 26-Jan-09, 00:00 is currently under development, every week we introduce new features! Stay tuned!
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